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iGRASPseed Alumni

Dr. Daniel Ciupka
  • PhD thesis: Functional state modulation in PPDK connected to long-range structural coupling and multimerization
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Holger Gohlke
Dr. Dennis Della Corte
  • PhD Title: Development and Application of Protein Refinement and Engineering Methods
  • Supervisor: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Gunnar Schröder
Dr. Markus Dick
  • PhD Title: Strukturelle Untersuchungen zur Aktivität und Stabilität in Acetaldehyd-abhängigen Aldolasen
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jörg Pietruszka
Dr. Peter Dollinger
  • PhD Title: Lipase-specific foldase-aided folding of lipase A from Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Supervisors: Dr. Filip Kovacic, Prof. Dr. Karl-Erich Jaeger, Prof. Dr. Claus Seidel
Dr. Parul Goel
  • PhD Title: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of rhomboid protease specific inhibitors
  • Supervisors Prof. Dr. Sascha Weggen
Dr. Katherina Hemmen
  • PhDTitle: Structure and conformational fluctuations of Phage T4 lysozyme under native and denaturing conditions
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Claus Seidel
Dr. Steffen Hübinger
  • PhD Title: Single Particle Detection of α-Synuclein
  • Supervisors: Dr. Eva Birkmann, Prof. Dr. Dieter Willbold
Thomas Karcher
  • Project Title: Native complexes of amyloid β peptide
  • Supervisors: Dr. Luitgard Nagel-Steger
Dr. Sakshi Khosa
  • PhD Title: Nisin Resistance in Streptococcus agalactiae
  • Supervisors: Dr. Sander Smits and Prof. Dr. Lutz Schmitt
Dr. Laura Kukuk
  • PhD Title: High-resolution structure of the SAM domain homodimer of the murine adapter protein SLY1
  • Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Dieter Willbold
Dr. Alexander Minges
  • PhD Title: Structural and functional analysis of Pyruvatephosphate Dikinase
  • Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Georg Groth, Prof. Dr. Holger Gohlk, Prof. Dr. Jörg Pietruszka
Dr. Christina Möller
  • PhD Title: NMR-spektrokopische Charakterisierung der Dynamik das Autophagie-relevanten Proteins GABARAP auf verschiedenen Zeitskalen
  • Supervisors: Dr. Philipp Neudecker, Prof. Dr. Dieter Willbold
Dr. Kazem Nouri
  • PhD Title: Biochemical Characterization of RHO GTPases-IQGAPs and NPM1-US11/Rev Interactions
  • Supervisors: PD Dr. Reza Ahmadian
Dr. Timo Piechatzek
  • PhD Title: Structural analysis of different sheep prion fibrils with the help of biophysical methods and Solid-State-NMR-Spectroscopy
  • Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Henrike Heise
Dr. Ansgar Rühlmann
  • PhD Title: Charakterisierung und Proteinengineering von P450-Monooxygenasen der CAP154-Familie für die Biokatalyse
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Vlada Urlacher
Dr. Oliver Schillinger
  • PhD Title: On the Combined Power of Simulation and Experiment to Structure, Dynamics, Function and Assembly Mechanisms
  • Supervisors: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Strodel
Dr. Mario Schneider
  • PhD Title: Fluorescence Fluctuation-based Analysis of the Amyloid β 42 Monomer
  • Supervisors: Dr. Filipp Oesterhelt, Prof. Dr. Dieter Willbold
Dr. Maren Thomaier
  • PhD Title: Charakterisation of Amyloid β Membrane Interaction using Nanodiscs as a Model Membrane Systems
  • Supervisors: Dr. Lothar Gremer, Prof. Dr. Dieter Willbold
Dr. Dhana Thomy
  • Project Title: Molecular functionalities of ADEP-insensitive ClpP proteins
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Heike Brötz-Oesterhelt
Dr. Thibault Viennet
  • Project Title: Optimized and functionalized nanodiscs for DNP-enhanced structural studies of membrane proteins
  • Supervisors: Dr. Manuel Etzkorn, Prof. Dr. Henrike Heise
Dr. Michael Wördehoff
  • Project Title: The kinetics of α-synuclein aggregation: single fibril growth, β1-β2 contacts, membrane environments and dityrosine formation
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dieter Willbold
Tao Zhang
  • Project Title: Investigation of complex formation of D-peptides and amyloid-β peptide
  • Supervisors: Dr. Luitgard Nagel-Steger, Prof. Dr. Dieter Willbold